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Kimonos are a must have for summer. The light weight material and short sleeves make them perfect for layering in warm weather. If you have a simple little dress or a plain tank, just throw on a kimono and you’re good to go! It’s the easiest way to dress up any outfit.

I paired this kimono with a basic white tank top and super distressed high waist shorts (Another must have!). All three items were on clearance at Tilly’s. Now is the perfect time to buy summer clothes because stores are getting ready for fall and back to school season.

Any time I see a kimono on clearance, I buy it. I don’t care how many I have, it will never be enough. I may have what some people (my husband) call “a shopping addiction”, but I’m not concerned. The more clothes I have, the happier I am. What’s wrong with that? If your closet isn’t caving in, then there is always room for more clothes!