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For almost a year, I have been selling used clothes right out of my house. It’s an incredibly easy way to make money if you do it right. Used clothes have paid for some of my furniture, my entire wardrobe, and even our groceries. I’m basically running a business at this point!

I sell all of my clothes through Facebook yard sale pages. There are a lot of other options though if you don’t mind shipping. Personally, I prefer people come to me. Most of the time, the clothes I sell weren’t originally mine. I spend every Saturday morning going to garage sales and gathering inventory. Another way I acquire stuff to sell is by purchasing clothing lots of 100+ items at a time usually for around $20. People often just want to get rid of stuff quickly and I’m happy to take it off their hands for them. It is more of a risk that way though, because you never really know what you’re going to get. The gamble always excites me and while I’m sorting through it I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.


My assistant Maximus helping me sort through a clothing lot (:

Before I list anything, I always do a little research on the pages first. I look for what styles, sizes, and brands people are interested in at the moment. That helps determine how I’m going to price my items. Supply & Demand! Another factor that goes into the pricing process is the condition of the clothes. Something that appears to have been worn a lot is obviously going to have to be marked pretty low. With that being said, I never sell anything with rips, holes, stains, missing a button, etc.. If something isn’t up to my standards to sell, I donate it. My reputation as a seller is important to me, so I try to only have things that are high quality.

Once I have everything sorted and I’ve decided on prices, I begin the next step. I take pictures of everything I’m going to sell. This is the most important part because presentation is everything. If your pictures are blurry and the lighting is dark or your clothes are wrinkled, buyers are going to skip right over you. One thing I’ve noticed is if you model the clothes so people can see what a shirt looks like on or how to style it, you’re going to get a lot more interest. People also like to see an outfit put together so they can purchase it all at once. Not everyone is a fashionista and they appreciate you showing them what goes together.


After all the pictures have been taken, it’s time to list everything! It is important to always include a description, but just keep it simple and informative. All the buyer needs to know is the size and price, and brand if it’s name brand. How many times you’ve worn it or the original price are irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that it’s used regardless. All you have to do once your clothes are listed is sit back and wait for someone to comment. I call this “getting a nibble”.

Potential buyers will often ask questions like “Could this fit the next size up?” or “Will you take less or make a bundle deal for me?” If this bothers you, then selling clothes online is not the right business for you because the questions WILL come. When responding to these questions, it’s important to always be professional. Use proper spelling and grammar, fully and clearly answer whatever they’re asking, and be polite. If you’re shopping at a store and the sales associate isn’t helpful or responds rudely, you’re less likely to buy something. The same thing goes for selling things online. You are the store manager, and everyone that comments is your customer. The key to success is having repeat customers!

Another thing you need to take into account when selling, is how you’re going to store your items until they are sold. If you just wad everything up, throw it in a trash bag then put it in the back of your closet, your customer isn’t going to be very happy when they receive their item and it’s wrinkled and not presentable. I keep all of my inventory on a rolling clothes rack so that it’s organized and I have easy access to it.

11709628_1116342631712752_3437724125804152918_n   In the past year, according to my records, I’ve made close to $2,000 just from selling used clothes. All I really had to do was take some pictures and answer a few questions. There really isn’t much to it!

Take some time to sort through your closet. Do you have some stuff that doesn’t quite fit, or that you’re just tired of? Sell it! With the money you make, you can buy yourself something new. You’ll be happy with your new outfit, and someone else will be happy that they were able to get a great deal. Everyone wins, and your wallet will thank you!