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IMG_3470   Have you ever felt like there is an emptiness inside your heart? A hole that you absolutely must fill? That’s exactly the way I felt until I adopted my dog, Maximus.

I had always wanted a dog. I yearned for sweet cuddles and to not feel so alone all the time. My husband’s job requires him to be away from home a lot, and being all by myself for weeks at a time was driving me crazy! Then I spotted an adorable puppy with big brown sad eyes on a Facebook yard sale page, and that’s when everything changed.

The ad said he was a Yorkie/Chihuahua mix, 6 months old, and free to a good home. Apparently the girl getting rid of him didn’t have enough space for both of her dogs in her apartment. Her loss! I quickly jumped on the ad and made arrangements to meet the puppy she called Leo.

As soon as I saw him in person, it was love at first sight. He jumped in my arms and licked me all over until I was covered in puppy drool. He was perfect, and everything I had ever dreamed of. Why would someone just hand over this precious baby to a complete stranger? I will never understand. My husband and I asked the girl if she was sure she wanted to give him away, and she just handed us the leash like it was nothing. We scooped him up, got in the truck, and left before she had time to change her mind.

IMG_0459   The day after I brought Maxie home, he was playing in the backyard and then randomly started limping. I freaked out, to say the least. I only had my puppy for a day, and I already broke him?! I immediately made a tear filled phone call to the vet, and got him the next available appointment.

During his appointment, the vet had a few interesting things to say. When he came in the room and saw Max, he just started laughing! He said” Well, that’s the biggest yorkie I’ve ever seen…” Obviously I was confused, I know next to nothing about dog breeds. I was informed he is an Australian Terrier and was going to get a lot larger than I had been led to believe. My dreams of having a tiny lap dog were crushed, but all I really cared about was if my baby was going to be okay. Maximus had a sprained knee because his muscles were underdeveloped. The vet told me it was caused by living in a cage. My heart broke for him as I thought about what his life must have been like before we rescued him and took him into our home and our hearts.


Now, there isn’t a dog alive that’s more loved than Maximus. I like to call him my fur twin because we are so much alike, right down to our facial expressions. His favorite places in the house to be are in the laundry room with me, or in my closet. He is strangely obsessed with clothes, which I think is the cutest thing ever. We have a lot of movie nights together, but since he is extremely spoiled he always has to pick the DVD. He will prance right up to the shelf and bring me whatever he wants to watch. I discovered that his favorite movie is The Lucky One, and he will cuddle all the way through it while watching attentively.

IMG_0215  No matter what I’m doing, Maximus is right there doing it with me. Even though he can be quite the rascal, that’s one of the things I love about him because he has such a huge personality. He is MY rascal, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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