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It’s currently pouring down rain here in North Carolina, which I’m very excited about. Rain= Cardigans! I’m taking this opportunity to pretend like it’s fall, as you might be able to tell by today’s black monochromatic outfit. Excuse my lighting, my house is like a cave without sunlight.

I always choose my outfits based on my mood. I just finished having a Twilight marathon (don’t judge me) and it’s storming, so I guess you could say I’m in a “Vampire Mood” today. I’m not really a fun in the sun kind of person. I’m wearing black distressed high waist jeans for multiple reasons… You can’t look like a vampire without black jeans, they make my short little legs look extremely long, and I wanted to wear a crop top. You shouldn’t really wear a crop top with low rise jeans unless you want to look slutty. That’s obviously not my goal.

My simple crop top is just black & white striped from Forever 21. I bought it on clearance for $5 a week ago and have been waiting for the right time to wear it. When I get something new, I don’t always wear it right away. Sometimes, I’ll save my new clothes for so long that they will end up hanging in my closet with the price tag still attached for weeks! I don’t know why I do that, I guess I like feeling as if I’m going shopping when I’m in my own closet. Does anyone else do this, or am I completely alone here?

Accessories wise, I’m wearing a black and silver spiky necklace that I paid $1 for at Claire’s. Spikes are a necessity in my life. I have such an innocent face that I try to find ways to make myself look a little more edgy. That’s also why I’m wearing a deep red lipstick. Nobody is going to accuse me of looking 12 years old today, hopefully. I’m only 5ft tall so people often mistake me for a high school student. I try to wear heels as much as I can to appear taller. Today’s heels are black suede Steve Madden pumps. Where I live, you’re guaranteed to stand out if you wear heels. I once overheard my neighbor talking about how she was going to wear her “good flip flops” that day. Yes. Such a thing exists in this town. 99% of women wear flip flops everywhere. I personally think they should only be worn at the beach. That’s why I’m going to continue to stand out and wear real shoes. I’ll never give in and wear flip flops to the grocery store or Dr.’s office. Call me crazy!

What are the trends like in your town? Is there a trend that you absolutely refuse to give in to?