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My husband is the pickiest man alive. He is incredibly hard to dress, because he hates everything! Before we were married, he was content to wear worn out Wranglers and plain v-neck t-shirts everyday. The weekend we got married, I quickly put an end to that. He refused to go shopping so my only defense was to hide all of his Wranglers until he had no choice but to give in. He found out right away that when you have a fashionable wife, your own closet will reflect that.

The first store I took him to was Buckle. They have really high quality jeans, and that was at the top of the list. He thought he wore a size 32×32. Wrong. This poor boy wasn’t even wearing the correct size! No wonder those Wranglers weren’t looking so hot. A good fit is the most important part of looking fashionable. If something fits you correctly, you’re automatically going to look better and more put together. I brought him a variety of sizes to try on until we found what works best for him. He is actually a 29×34, so he was way off. Once we found the correct size, it was easier to start choosing between different styles of fit and wash. For my husband’s slender body type, we found that Slim Fit was a winner. Relaxed fit looked fine in the waist but they made his legs look a lot larger than the rest of his body. That’s not cute.

IMG_1026 Five stores later, and I finally found him the perfect outfit for date night. Finding a shirt he would actually wear took a lot of time. Lucas is a country boy at heart, and he wanted that to reflect in his personal style. Even though I would rather see him in a classy button down, he is more comfortable in pearl snaps. That’s completely okay. Your style should absolutely show off who you are and you should never wear anything if you feel like it doesn’t accurately represent you. Pearl snaps can look really nice depending on what you pair them with. We bought this one from American Eagle because that brand seems to fit him the best without breaking the budget. I also had to teach him to wear a t-shirt under his pearl snap. This was met with complaints. He said, “But what if I want to just rip my shirt off? That would be silly if I was wearing a shirt underneath.” I don’t know what is with men and wanting to rip their shirts off. We’re going out to dinner, not to the strip club. I took matters into my own hands and bought him a few solid crew necks from Urban Outfitters. Crew necks are a basic in any man’s wardrobe, and will most likely be worn a lot. We could have cheaped out and bought a pack at Walmart, but those would just wear out. In the long run, it makes more sense to pay more for something high quality.
IMG_1028Even though he was hesitant about the change at first, he now says he can’t even imagine he ever wore anything else. He said that he knows that he looks better now, and that makes him feel better and gives him more confidence. Goal complete!

I didn’t just stop there though. He also needed some better casual clothes. He said “I want one of those shirts with buttons at the top but that don’t go all the way down.” It took me a minute to realize he was referring to a henley. I gave him a short Fashion 101 class and taught him the difference between 3/4 sleeve, and short sleeve, henleys and button downs, and baseball tees and graphic tees. You would be surprised how little men know about this subject. All of this information was news to him, but he soaked it up like a sponge. I had a proud wife moment. I love that he knows that fashion is important to me so he tries his best to learn about it. Not many guys would even try to pretend like they care about clothes. I guess I got pretty lucky! FullSizeRender IMG_1030

I bought him a henley since that is what his little heart desired. He loves it and wears it all the time! We also picked out some new tennis shoes for him. For some reason he thought it was okay to wear the same pair for like 10 years even though they were completely falling apart. It doesn’t really take that much to make your husband look good. Just get a few basic pieces that he can easily put together. You also have to remember that men don’t need 15 different pairs of jeans like we do. Having too many options is overwhelming. Just keep it simple!

If you’re going to revamp your husband’s look, let me know! I would love to hear about your shopping trips. Going to the mall with a man is always an adventure.