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Joggers have been on my clothing wish list for MONTHS, so I finally added a pair to my wardrobe. What’s not to love about them? They’re a basic that I feel like everyone should have. You can dress them up with heels like I did, or you can go for a more casual look with sneakers. My husband refers to them as “fancy sweatpants”, which honestly isn’t that far off. Joggers are literally the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn. I love the loose fit and the material. I’m a fan of anything high waisted, considering I have a plethora of crop tops.

This particular crop top is from Hollister, even though it doesn’t really look like their usual beachy items. It’s a simple black with subtle horizontal striped detailing. My favorite thing about it is the neck line. I feel like the higher the neckline, the fancier you look. The spiky statement necklace really ties the outfit together though. I was going for an edgier look, because that’s what I’m most comfortable in. I don’t care that it’s summer and 100 degrees out, it will never stop me from wearing all black.

To soften up the look, I decided to wear an extremely bright pink lipstick.

IMG_0719    I feel really fierce in this outfit, obviously. The best part is that every single thing I bought was on clearance. I don’t believe in paying full price for anything. The top was $10, joggers were $20, and the heels were also only $20. It is extremely possible to be stylish on a budget. I only spent $50 and I got three basic pieces that look great together or paired with other things. Fashion doesn’t have to be about how much you spend. Don’t get discouraged by the $100 tops in fashion magazines, just hit the clearance rack! It’s a lot easier to enjoy an outfit when you don’t have to feel bad about how much you paid for it.