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Memorial Day is such an important holiday, in my opinion. For my Canadian followers who may not know, Memorial Day is when we take the time to remember and honor those who have died while serving in the Armed Forces. Since my husband is in the military, it’s also another day for me to be thankful that he is alive and able to celebrate with me. It typically marks the beginning of summer, so everyone in the neighborhood was firing up their grills and walking to the community pool. I felt like it would be un-American if we didn’t grill something for lunch, so Lucas made hamburgers and hotdogs. Then I had the best idea ever. What if we made some patriotic sugar cookies and decorated them together?!

IMG_0026   I got the cookie cutters at a thrift store for $1 and had been aching to use them. The original plan was to make some American flags and some USA cookies, but that only lasted about two seconds. We were having so much fun once we rolled out the dough, that we ended up with dinosaurs, teddy bears, butterflies, and I can’t even remember what else. We went cookie crazy! Maxie wanted to help by trying to lick all of the dough, while Lucas thought it would be a good idea to put flour on my face. I wouldn’t trade those small memories with my little family for the world. You have to live for the little moments. We were like kids again, giggling and cutting out our dough. Once the cookies were finally out of the oven, and I made the icing and mixed all the colors, we were finally able to decorate! We both learned that we do not have a future in the culinary arts.

FullSizeRender FullSizeRender 2   Try to guess whose cookies are whose… Lucas’s cookies were edible although not very pleasing to the eye. I made two fancy bears going on a date and said “Look, I’m a bear fashion designer!” He got really worried and asked “Oh no, you’re not starting another hobby are you?!” My poor husband can’t even keep up with all of my skills! Two weekends ago I was doing paid surveys online, the weekend before last I started DIY projects and a blog, and last weekend I became a bear fashion designer (Strictly for cookies though, I don’t think live bears would appreciate my work). I guess you never really can tell what I’m going to do next.

   What did you do over the weekend? Did you discover any hidden talents? Comment and let me know!