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This might seem like a crazy idea to some people. Who would turn a clutch into a pen holder? Well, I did! I needed something to spice up my empty desk, and a cliche craft felt like the perfect thing to make today. Don’t be fooled by how simple it looks, this was not an easy task.

My friend gave me this little pearl clutch that she no longer wanted. I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I didn’t want it either, my phone would barely fit in it! What’s the point of having an accessory that you can’t even really use? I accepted it anyway thinking I’d probably find a use for it at some point. While I was writing my About Me section (Feel free to read it and get to know me a little better), I had a candle burning next to me as I usually do as I’m writing. Then inspiration struck, and my project began.

I started by cutting out the lining of the clutch. It was stained and gross anyway, I fully believe that she was storing lipstick without caps in there. The lining was a pink and red streaked mess, and an even bigger mess as I was ripping it out. I was trying so hard to make sure the pearls didn’t come flying off, because I really didn’t feel like picking up little plastic balls out of my carpet. Once I successfully completed that, I cut the remains into neat little sections. Then I waited for the candle to burn out, since the glass was going to house the pens.

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All that was left to do was hot glue the pearls onto the glass. It sounds so easy, yet it took sooo much time. By cutting the pieces of the clutch into sections, that means I also cut the strings that were holding the pearls in place. While I was trying to glue them on, I would get one spot done as pearls would be leaping off another spot. I was in a battle against these pearls, but they didn’t get the best of me! I have tenacity and completed the task without a stray pearl in sight.


In the end, it was definitely worth the battle. The best part is that I didn’t even have to spend anything! There are so many things that have potential that are probably just lying around the house somewhere. Do you have any empty candle glasses that you want to upcycle and give new life?

Get inspired! Turn trash into treasure. 

   Are you going to try something similar? Comment and tell me! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions, and to learn about any crafts you might be doing or want to do. (: